Samantha Lentini is a Melbourne-Based Multidisciplinary Creative; with expertise in the area of Custom and Ready-to-Wear Fashion and Fine Art. Photography and Furniture Design is also in the background, currently being developed upon to release later on in 2021. The options are truly endless in her realm.
Her brand is built upon her strong love for the creativity that is deep ingrained within her, in particular, slow-yet-distinct fashion and timeless art pieces. Each piece is created in limited runs, both locally and off-shore, to minimise wastage and maximise exclusivity. 
Samantha does it her own way, never adhering to seasons in any areas of her work, instead, consciously opting for season-less designs that have the strong capability to stand the test of time, and trends. 
Self-taught, and ever-evolving. Samantha prides herself on her unique take on the creative industry, giving out a piece of her heart with every garment, artwork and creative piece.